Kentuckian and former teacher journeying to the Valley of the Sun in pursuit of my lifelong dream--to write and publish a novel.

From Planning to Perspiring...

From Planning to Perspiring...

Planners—I own one. I am one.

And, admittedly, I don’t always act with decorum when my plans go awry. I’ll look forward to going out with my husband or friends all day, then pout if it doesn’t come to fruition. In the classroom, my mood will quickly sour if the internet goes down or a presentation won’t load or my students aren’t responding in the way I envisioned.

I lay out my clothes and pack my lunch each evening in anticipation of the work day. I plan my lessons weeks in advance. I buy Christmas presents well before Thanksgiving. I’ve been employed with the same school for ten years.

And, in a few short weeks, I’ll be throwing predictability to the wind. I’m selling most of my earthly possessions. I’ve turned in my resignation letter. There are going away parties and tearful goodbyes on the horizon.

I’ve purchased a one-way ticket to Arizona. 

In February, my husband accepted a job in The Copper State. I’ve always loved the West—the orange landscapes and dry heat. But I’ve been a Kentucky girl my entire life, living only a short distance from my hometown. The idea of moving 1,829 miles away (thanks Google Maps!) excited me, but terrified me, too.

So was the idea of ending my career. As I mentioned, I’ve been an English teacher at a public high school for ten years. My job is stressful, but it’s a stress I know, a stress I anticipate. It’s steady. I can rattle off my list of qualifications with confidence.

But with change comes opportunity. I now have the time and resources to focus my creative energy on the one thing I have wanted to do since I learned to read.

I want to write and publish a novel.

I recently completed my MFA in Creative Writing, and with that came a few publications in small literary journals. That only ignited my fervor to one day bring a book into the world, to inspire readers in the way countless authors have inspired me.

This blog will (hopefully) cycle through three topics:

My writing. I hope to talk about my progress and struggles as a writer, and opportunities I find as I work to make writing less of a hobby and more of a part-time job.

Reading/book reviews. Some readers may have followed my previous blog, I Read What They Read. Books—particularly YA novels—continue to be an important part of my life. I hope to continue writing and sharing book reviews.

Starting over in Arizona.I have so many questions: Will I ever learn my way around? Will I find a job that will allow me the time and freedom to write? Will I combust and turn to ashes in the 100+ heat? Only time will tell. 

Thanks for joining me on this new adventure. Stay tuned!

Ode to my Colleagues

Ode to my Colleagues